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Chiropractic can help sleep apnea, and Top 5 Ways to Manage Your Stress

Happy 2018! Sleeping can Take Your Breath Away…Literally – Obstructive Sleep Apnea and Chiropractic Many individuals experience breathing difficulties during sleep. Such difficulties may include snoring, choking, or a form of sleep apnea. Of particular interest in today’s article is a condition known as obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) which causes abnormal pauses in breathing that are […]

Does Chiropractic really help your immune system and addition problems?

Health-E-News November 2017empowering you to optimal health Addiction and Chiropractic Care When it comes to chiropractic, many believe that its focus is to relieve patients of symptoms that are largely associated with musculoskeletal conditions and/or everyday aches and pains. However, research suggests that chiropractic intervention can be beneficial for patients who suffer from substance abuse. […]

Sit all day? Here’s how you can avoid back pain.

Health-E-News October 2017empowering you to optimal health Avoiding Back Pain from a Desk Job We’ve all been there. Working at a computer for too long is bound to cause a backache. One of the reasons could be that computer tasks are rarely a quick ordeal and it’s easy to sit at one for hours on end. […]

Chiropractic helps loss of smell and taste!

Health-E-News July 2017empowering you to optimal health Resolution of loss of smell and taste of 64 year old woman Chiropractic is known to helps some people with rather unique health challenges, and here is such a case: Anosmia is described as loss of smell and ageusia is described the loss of taste. One of the […]