Family Chiropractic Care with Over 30 Years Experience

Are you searching for a safer, more natural health care option? Dr. Cynthia Shaft of Shaft Chiropractic has been treating families in Canton, MI for over 30 years.

Dr. Shaft, a female Chiropractor, specializes in wellness solutions for the entire family. Focused on much more than just pain management, the chiropractic care offered at Shaft Chiropractic can help babies with colic, offer relief for TMJ, reduce the pain associated with carpal tunnel syndrome, alleviate migraine headaches, stop bed-wetting in children, improve the focus of children with ADHD, and offer improvement or complete healing for numerous other ailments.

With three generations of chiropractors in her family (as well as over 20 doctors), you can feel safe in trusting her over 30 years of experience. Whether you are in pain, have a child that isn’t sleeping well, or  just have a backache, give us a call to set up your initial consultation today!

Best Reviewed Chiropractor in Canton, MI

We understand that seeing a new doctor can be scary. So rather than just taking our word for it, spend some time reading the countless reviews we have from our patients. Many have experienced significant pain relief in as little as one adjustment – others have experienced life-altering healings. (If you’d like to see the testimonials, please visit our Google+ profile, Facebook page, or Youtube channel.)

Last week, I was in severe pain for 3 straight days. I went to Dr. Shaft and she knew exactly the points to adjust. Within 5 minutes, I stood up and was headache free!

Pam C.Read the full review

I was recommended to Dr. Cyndy by a friend. She saw I had a herniating disc and went above and beyond providing a customized care plan to reduce the stress on my body…

Ami M.Read the full review

After a series of regular adjustments, I also noticed fewer headaches, I’m standing an inch taller, and have even had my eyesight improve. Dr. Shaft is truly an expert at what she does.

Ami M.Read the full review

Dr. Shaft has done wonders with my back. I have scoliosis and she helps me keep it manageable. She has also been a big help throughout my pregnancy.

Laura H.Read the full review

I started going about 6 years ago when my first daughter was a couple of weeks old and would not nurse right. After one adjustment of her neck, she started eating a TON better!…

M. RooseRead the full review

I HIGHLY recommend Dr. Cyndy to all my mom friends and many have found her to be a great help to themselves and their families.

M. RooseRead the full review

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