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Mindfulness and Knee Pain – Related?

Can Your Chiropractor Alleviate Knee Pain? We often don’t realize how much we use our knees in our basic day-to-day functions until we experience knee pain. The most basic functions from lifting groceries, climbing the stairs, walking to your car, getting out of your car, and even getting in and out of the shower can […]

Oh, your poor neck! Here’s what you can do.

Neck Pain Neck pain is one of the most common reasons we see patients. Also referred to as the cervical spine, it contains so many small vertebrae that support the weight of your entire head. Your neck is strong, but it’s the flexibility that leaves it susceptible to strain and injury. The biomechanics of everyday […]

Time for Tea, and Working From Home

Setting Yourself Up For Work-From-Home Success We are all in the middle of a completely unprecedented situation. In the midst of a pandemic, life seems to shift overnight. Suddenly, we’re working from home, our children aren’t at school and we have to plan out our lives like never before. A whole new set of challenges […]

Activities to Spark Your Creativity and Strength

Activities to Spark Your Creativity We are living through an unprecedented time. There are no rules, no handbooks, or even a guide to help us get through a scenario that has dramatically affected the way we operate our day to day lives. What we do know is that keeping our minds stimulated will allow us […]

Movie Night? Game Night? What Are You Doing Now?

Time to Unwind Social distancing has some in a panic, and for others it’s been seen as a means to get things done, spend time with our families, and relax. The truth is we have no control over how we’re being asked to respond to this, but we can control how we use this time […]

Concussion, Neck Pain and What’s True Health?

How can Chiropractic Help Post Concussion?  Historically, little was known about the benefits of chiropractic care in the treatment of concussions – but over the past decade concussions related to sports injuries have been treated more by chiropractors than with any other method. Statistically speaking, sports related concussions are seen more frequently in children and […]

Why do Athletes Rely on Chiropractors?

Why do Athletes Rely on Chiropractors? Competitive sports require skill and precision, meaning even a microsecond delay in movement can determine whether they win or lose. Athletes require every bit of speed, flexibility, strength, and pain free movements that they can get in order to perform at the top of their class.  This is why […]

Is Your Desk Job Hurting You? What Is Spinal Stenosis?

Is Your Desk Job Hurting You? When you think of a desk job, you don’t think of health hazards. These are often thought of when describing jobs like firefighting, construction, or even being a chef. Manual labour is synonymous with health risks at some point, but so can your desk job.  The Risks Considering a […]