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Concussion, Neck Pain and What’s True Health?

How can Chiropractic Help Post Concussion?  Historically, little was known about the benefits of chiropractic care in the treatment of concussions – but over the past decade concussions related to sports injuries have been treated more by chiropractors than with any other method. Statistically speaking, sports related concussions are seen more frequently in children and […]

Why do Athletes Rely on Chiropractors?

Why do Athletes Rely on Chiropractors? Competitive sports require skill and precision, meaning even a microsecond delay in movement can determine whether they win or lose. Athletes require every bit of speed, flexibility, strength, and pain free movements that they can get in order to perform at the top of their class.  This is why […]

Is Your Desk Job Hurting You? What Is Spinal Stenosis?

Is Your Desk Job Hurting You? When you think of a desk job, you don’t think of health hazards. These are often thought of when describing jobs like firefighting, construction, or even being a chef. Manual labour is synonymous with health risks at some point, but so can your desk job.  The Risks Considering a […]

Runner or a Golfer? You will want to read this!

How Your Chiropractor Can Help With Your Golf Game Now that the Golf season is in full swing…. I know you have been dusting off those clubs and getting onto the course to refocus on this short season! The warm weather may have you feeling like you just want to jump right back into your […]