The Health Investment

At Shaft Chiropractic, we don’t want finances to keep you from the healthy, pain-free lifestyle you deserve. With that in mind, we offer a number of different payment options and accept cash, credit, debit, check, CareCredit, HSA savings plans.

Insurances Accepted

Many insurances offer chiropractic care as part of their plans. The number of visits your insurance will cover varies greatly between each individual plan. During your wellness consultation with Dr. Shaft, our team will check with your insurance to get the exact details of your coverage.

Cash Savings Plans

We offer three different cash savings plans that offer savings on your care. These plans are paid for up front and are good for future visits. The details of these plans are listed below.

The "Pain" Investment

Package Includes:

  • 10 adjustments
  • 1 extended consultation
  • 1 progress report

Total: $470

The "Restoration" Investment

Package Includes:

  • 20 adjustments
  • Intersegmental Traction (roller table)
  • 2 progressive exams

Total: $900

The "Wellness" Investment

Package Includes:

  • 36 adjustments
  • Intersegmental Traction (roller table)
  • 4 progressive exams
  • 4 extended consultations
  • X-Rays (if needed)

Total: $1,512

Pay Per Visit

If you do not have insurance coverage and choose to bypass the savings of our cash plans, we do accept payments for individual visits. You will find out price list for individual services to the right.


Initial Visit (includes consultation, adjustment, and X-Rays)

Individual Adjustment

Therapeutic Massage
30 Minutes:
60 Minutes:

BIOMAT Treatments
$15 per treatment

Cold Laser Treatments
$40 per treatment

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