After scheduling your first appointment at Shaft Chiropractic, here are a few tips in order to be prepared for your first visit.

  • Fill out your “New Patient Forms” online. You can find this paperwork to the right through our patient portal. It will take approximately 20 minutes to fill out. You can then either print them out and bring them to your appointment, or email them to us at
  • Try to wear comfortable clothing. Most patients choose to have their first adjustment after their consultation.
  • Your first appointment will take approximately 45 minutes. This will include your initial consultation, X-Rays, and first adjustment.
  • After your first appointment, we will schedule you for your Report of Findings. During this second appointment, one of our doctors will review your X-Rays with you in detail and present you with a unique treatment plan. This second appointment will run 20-30 minutes.

Subsequent Visits

The number of visits you’ll need will depend on the treatment plan set out for you by your doctor. Starting with your third visit (the first visit after your Report of Findings has been completed), each appointment should run approximated 10-15 minutes. If you receive treatments in addition to your chiropractic adjustments (such as our BIOMAT treatments, cold laser, rollers, etc), please arrive 10 minutes before the start of your appointment.

Scheduling Visits for Your Entire Family

If you and your entire family planning on seeing us, you will each need your own appointment time. We look forward to meeting you and your family. Call (734) 455-3933 to schedule your first visit today.

New Patient Paperwork

New Patient Paperwork
New Patient Paperwork for Minors

To save time at your first appointment, download and complete these forms beforehand. Once completed, please email them to